Vol. 19 No. 5 (2022): September to October 2022

Published: 2022-09-01



Talles Brugni
Abstract 213 | PDF English Downloads 249 PDF Português (Português (Brasil)) Downloads 210


Piotroski, Graham and Greenblatt: an Empirical Approach to Value Investing in the Brazilian Stock Market

Carlos Domingues, Alexandre Aronne, Francisco Pereira, Frank Magalhães
Abstract 867 | PDF English Downloads 466 PDF Português (Português (Brasil)) Downloads 429 | DOI https://doi.org/10.15728/bbr.2022.19.5.1.en

Page 475-491

Consumer Judgment on the Practice of Greenwashing: Scale Development and Validation

Tais Andreoli, Esdras Costa, Leandro Prearo
Abstract 292 | PDF English Downloads 658 PDF Português (Português (Brasil)) Downloads 325 | DOI https://doi.org/10.15728/bbr.2022.19.5.3.en

Page 508-524

Understanding Brazilians’ Intentions in Consuming Sustainable Fashion

Mikaela Floriano, Celso de Matos
Abstract 360 | PDF English Downloads 583 PDF Português (Português (Brasil)) Downloads 382 | DOI https://doi.org/10.15728/bbr.2022.19.5.4.en

Page 525-545

Are Individual Microentrepreneurs who Intend to Grow Alert to Opportunities?

Jaci Cenci, Hilka Machado, Carlos Carvalho
Abstract 282 | PDF English Downloads 335 PDF Português (Português (Brasil)) Downloads 352 | DOI https://doi.org/10.15728/bbr.2022.19.5.5.en

Page 546-564

“What if a Person Gets the Vaccine and Turns into an Alligator?”: A Study of the Effect of Ideological Polarization on Purchase Intention

Eduardo Mesquita, Eduardo Mesquita, Evandro Lopes, Eliane Herrero
Abstract 304 | PDF English Downloads 367 PDF Português (Português (Brasil)) Downloads 324 | DOI https://doi.org/10.15728/bbr.2022.19.5.6.en

Page 565-583