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BBR - Brazilian Business Review publishes high-quality research across all fields of business. Themes include, but are not limited to, management, accounting, controllership, finance, information management, innovation management, strategy, and economics. We welcome papers developed in public, private, or third sector organizations. Published six times a year, BBR is edited and supported by FUCAPE, a top Brazilian business school.

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Published: 2022-01-12

Annual Editor Report


Felipe Ramos
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Talles Brugni
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IFRS vs Bacen Gaap: Accounting Information’s Value Relevance of the Brazilian Financial Institutions

Mariana Marques, Flávia Dalmacio, Amaury Rezende
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Page 1-18

Segmentation of current and potential investors in retirement plans to retain and capture customers

Ronaldo Deccax, Carlos Campani
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Page 19-38

Open Innovation and Implementation of Different Types of Innovation: An Analysis Based on Panel Data

Humberto Marques, Ednilson Ávila, Rafael Pereira, André Zambalde
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Page 39-58

The Impact of Business Analytics on Collaborative Advantage: the mediating role of managing transaction costs

Letícia Milhomem, Larissa Sincorá, Marcos Oliveira, Marcelo Brandão
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Page 59-77

‘No, I do not suffer from it’: the analysis of the manipulation of the subjectivity of the executive woman in the rise of the career

Elem Duarte, Shalimar Gallon
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Page 78-95

Fashion Conscious Consumption and Consumer Perception: A Study in the Local Productive Arrangement of Clothing of Pernambuco

Jordana Lira, Omero Júnior, Cristiane Costa, Marcus Araujo
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Page 96-115