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Guest Editorial
Sport strategy: An emerging research field
João J. Ferreira, University of Beira Interior & NECE – Research Unit in Business Science, Portugal
Dina Miragaia, University of Beira Interior & NECE – Research Unit in Business Science, Portugal Vanessa Ratten, La Trobe University, Australia
The concept of strategy has been part of the management framework over several decades, given its relevance to the growth and development of organizations. However, although there are several approaches around strategy developed in other areas of knowledge, in the sport management context, it is still necessary to increase our understanding of this phenomenon. This special issue focused on Strategy in Sport Management and is comprised of six studies that cover several subjects around this research field. New theoretical perspectives, methodologies and their application to several sport contexts provide an opportunity to advance our understanding about Strategy in Sport Management. Perspectives on efficiency, resource-based theory, and entrepreneurship are central topics in the studies included in this special issue. A short description of the authors’ contributions is provided in order to challenge people to read these interesting contributions.

Keyword : efficiency, entrepreneurship, resource-based theory, strategy, strategic management, sport strategy

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