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Welcome to the latest issue of the Brazilian Business Review! 


In this edition, we bring together a diverse range of articles that delve into key aspects of business and management research. Each article offers valuable insights into various topics, providing readers with thought-provoking analyses and practical implications for the field. 


We Are Living on the Edge: Managing Extreme Severity Claims Using Extreme Value Theory by João Vinícius França Carvalho and Luiz Henrique Alves Oliveira explores the application of Extreme Value Theory (EVT) in actuarial science, offering valuable insights into managing claims with high severity and low probability. Link: 


Consumer Behavior in Tourism in Health Crises: A Model Using the Theory of Protection Motivation in Farm Hotels by Daniela Rezende, Marlusa Gosling, and Nayane de Castro investigates the relationship between perceived risk and consumer behavior in the tourism sector during health crises, providing strategic insights for the industry. Link: 


Social Responsibility and Businesses at the Base of the Pyramid in Brazilian Multinational Companies: Intersection in a Meso-Level Perspective by Ivanete Schneider Hahn, Flavia Luciane Scherer, and Laleska Lebioda examines the intersection between corporate social responsibility and businesses at the base of the pyramid in Brazilian multinational companies, shedding light on their social impact. Link: 


Financing Decisions and Abnormal Returns: An Analysis of Brazilian Companies by Cesar Augusto Camargos Rocha and Marcos Antônio de Camargos explores the relationship between financing choices and abnormal returns in Brazilian companies, offering insights into their financial strategies. Link: 


Effects of New Stadiums on Attendance of Brazilian Football Clubs by Marke Geisy da Silva Dantas and Luciano Menezes Bezerra Sampaio analyzes the impact of stadium construction on soccer clubs' attendance, providing valuable insights for sports management. Link: 

ntellectual Structure of Export Orientation in International Marketing: A Bibliometric Coupling by Esubalew Moges Melese and Ajay Kumar presents a bibliometric analysis of research on export orientation in international marketing, offering insights into current trends and future directions in the field. Link: 


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the authors for their valuable contributions to this issue. We would also like to thank the reviewers for their thoughtful feedback and guidance throughout the review process. 


We hope that the articles presented in this issue will stimulate further research and discussion in the field of business and management. We encourage readers to engage with the diverse perspectives and insights offered in these articles and look forward to continuing to serve as a platform for scholarly exchange and collaboration. 


Enjoy reading! 


The Editorial Team 

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