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Dear Readers,
We present the third edition of the Brazilian Business Review in 2017. Along with it, we announce an important breakthrough for the journal: within the next few days, our submissions system will be the ScholarOne, used by most of the journals in the field of Administration in the world. Certainly, this is a progress that will allow authors, reviewers and editors a greater fluidity in the process of submission and revision, given that most of us are already accustomed to using such a system in other journals. We hope, with advances like this, to provide a better experience to the users of the journal, so that we all use our energies: to produce and to revise academic works that allow the advance of the science in the business area.
In this edition, we present six articles. The article that opens the edition is called " Analysis of Life Cycle Stages of Publicly-held Companies in Brazil: a study based on accounting-financial variables " and is authored by Wando Belffi da Costa, Marcelo Alvaro da Silva Macedo, Karen Yukari Yokoyama and José Elias Feres de Almeida. Following, we present the article by Geovana Alves de Lima Fedato, Vanessa Martins Pires and Guilherme Trez, whose title is "The Future of Research in Strategy Implementation in the Context of BRICS". The third article of the edition is called "Knowing the behavior of fans in relation to the love of the brand of football clubs"and it was developed by Matheus Frohlich Marquetto, Nelson Guilherme Machado Pinto, Márcia Zampieri Grohmann, and Luciana Flores Battistella.
The fourth article of the edition, " Drivers of technology adoption in health services ", by Juliana Pascualote Lemos de Almeida, Josivania Silva Farias and Hervaldo Sampaio Carvalho opens the second half of the edition. In the sequence, we present "Who should they relate to? A study for the identification and analysis of the criteria of selection of associates in interorganizational networks", authored by Denise Rossato Quatrin and Breno Augusto Diniz Pereira. The edition ends with the article by Julio Cesar Ferro de Guimarães, Eliana Andréa Severo e César Ricardo Maia de Vasconcelos, whose title is "Sustainable Competitive Advantage: A Business Survey of Southern Brazil "
Have a good reading everyone.
Bruno Felix
Brazilian Business Review
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