Tax Governance: A Study of Its Effects on Tax Evasion


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This study aimed to verify the relationship between tax governance and tax evasion. The motivation to analyze this interaction lies in the need to understand and prove that tax governance practices have an effect on the level of tax evasion. The results confirm the theoretical hypothesis that was tested: the countries in the sample with corporate tax governance practices presented lower levels of tax evasion, which is important empirical evidence of this relationship that has been postulated, but not yet verified by the literature. As for additional results, it was determined that only enforcement evokes the behavior expected from the literature, suggesting that it has a complementary relationship with tax governance. Thus, this paper supports the inclusion of another factor associated with our understanding of the tax evasion phenomenon, expanding our knowledge on the subject through the possibility of comparison with similar international studies. Furthermore, it may also generate government interest in encouraging the implementation of tax governance by companies.

Keyword : Tax Governance, Relationship, Tax Evasion Governança Tributária, Relação, Evasão Fiscal

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Carvalho, H., & Ávila, L. (2022). Tax Governance: A Study of Its Effects on Tax Evasion. Brazilian Business Review, 19(4), 454–474.

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