Country or Brand: What Matters to Younger Millennials?


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Our objective is to compare the effects of country of origin (COO) and brand on Younger Millennials’ (YM) willingness to buy global brands. We chose the United States, because it is the country of origin for the most valuable global brands. We approached Apple, Levi’s, and McDonald’s because they are iconic brands both in the US and globally. We tested constructs related to the country of origin and brand and then conducted a survey with 367 YM (17-23 years old) as potential brand consumers. We applied a structural equation model to analyze the impacts of these constructs on their willingness to buy. Results indicate that the way YM connect themselves to the brand is more important than the way they perceive or feel about the brand’s country of origin. We studied real brands within their target market and, in a current context, translated constructs for application in day-to-day consumer situations, while seeking discoveries that can be widely applied in the field of international marketing.

Keyword : Country of origin, Global brands;, Generation País de Origem, Marcas Globais, Geração

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Moraes, S. G., & Strehlau, V. I. . (2020). Country or Brand: What Matters to Younger Millennials?. Brazilian Business Review, 17(3), 275–292.

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