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We take great satisfaction in presenting the second edition of the third year of BBR - Brazilian Business Review. BBR reaches this point with good news that increases our confidence that it is meeting its initial goal of disseminating high-level academic research on business in Brazil. First, there has been a significant increase in its editorial board, with the addition of some leading international academicians: Greg Miller of Harvard Business School, Ryan LaFont of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Greg Gregoriou of State University of New York, Armando Gomes of the University of Washington and Jose Manuel Vara of the University of Wales. These colleagues need no introduction, nor do their universities. This issue of BBR received an even greater number of submissions from Brazilian and international authors, which has led to a change in its frequency. As of 2007 – the fourth year of BBR – it will be published every four months instead of semiannually. BBR is now indexed in Ebsco and Latindex, which will allow for wider dissemination and editorial reach.

This last edition of 2006 brings the contribution of Professor Eliseu Martins and his co-authors, who examine the empirical validity of cost-of-capital estimation models in Brazil. Aridelmo Teixeira, André de Aquino, Leonardo Lima and  Marcelo Sanches present a model for recognition and disclosure of environmental liabilities, a theme much in the current limelight. Lino Guimarães Marujo presents an innovative organizational model for supply chain management. Ruth Clarke and Marcílio Machado discuss information technology as a generator of competitive advantages for Brazilian companies, through a case study. Ricardo Brito and Eduardo Peres analyze the impact of the loss of credibility of auditing firms on the share prices of their client companies. Finally, Bruno Nogueira, Leonardo Lima and Rodrigo Medeiros present a quantitative method to evaluate the risks of projects to develop oil production, through a case study.
We hope 2007 will be as positive as 2006 for BBR - Brazilian Business Review.
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