A New Organizational Approach to Supply Chain Management


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This work examines organizational redesign of supply chain
management as a tool to increase the level of service to customers. It studies the
impact of the time-based concurrency phenomenon, which has forced companies to
be more flexible to face the constant challenges of their markets. It also analyzes the
transformation of intra-functional processes into inter-functional ones, where all
departments must interact to promote an uninterrupted flow of the information
inherent to organizational processes, aligned with the demands of globalized
markets. Among these processes are certain key tasks and processes for more
efficient supply chain management, such as management of inbound and outbound
transport, administration of customer orders, materials management, production
planning and management of inventories, besides technical assistance to customers
when necessary. In the final analysis, companies need to adopt a new supply chain
management structure.

Keyword : supply chain management, concurrency, organizational processes gestão da cadeia de suprimentos, concorrência, processos organizacionais

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Marujo, L. G. (2006). A New Organizational Approach to Supply Chain Management. Brazilian Business Review, 3(2), 167–174.

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