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In this first edition of the fourth volume of BBR - Brazilian Business Review, its first as a thrice-yearly publication, we present a broad and rigorous range of articles. João Toniato investigates the impact of IPOs in a sample of English companies, seeking to identify the reasons for the price anomalies that accompany these events. Danilo Beteto and Daniel Bergman analyze the effects of nonsynchronous trading in the Brazilian capital market and show the importance of micro-structure studies and the impacts of not considering these factors on the estimation of beta. Valdir Barbalho, Anísio Pereira and Antônio de Oliveira present an empirical analysis of the use of accounting information for management of cattle ranches. Lucas Frazão Silva and Carolina Lorençato Bassani analyze the possible correlation between the currents of thought: evolutionism, liberalism and behavioral psychology. Finally, Fernando Caio Galdi and Leonel Molero Pereira explore three models to estimate volatility: exponential weighted moving average (EWMA), generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity (GARCH) and stochastic volatility (SV).

This first edition of the new phase of BBR illustrates our objective of covering a broad range of subjects, but always with methodological rigor.
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