High Reliability Organizations and Operational Risk Management


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Studies on the management of operational risk in financial organizations have predominantly utilized quantitative and probabilistic approaches. Such approaches provide managers with a way to estimate the probability of operational failure occurring but do not provide insights with regard to specific managerial actions that can be taken to avoid the occurrence of such failure. Results of our study of the processes of a large Brazilian banking institution suggest that HRO theories can make an important contribution to the effective management of operational risk. Understanding the underlying causal mechanisms that contribute to operational failures makes it possible to take steps to manage them and to reduce the probability that they will occur. In addition to suggesting a new approach to the management of operational risk in financial institutions, the study tested HRO theory in a new sector. The results clearly demonstrate that HRO concepts are relevant in financial institutions, broadening the scope of applicability of this theory.

Keyword : high reliability organizations, operational risk management, financial institutions organizações de alta confiabilidade, gestão de risco operacional, instituições financeiras

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Medeiros, J. J., & Pinto, W. (2009). High Reliability Organizations and Operational Risk Management. Brazilian Business Review, 6(2), 165–180.

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