Perception of the benefits of using tracking systems by trucking companies


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This article evaluates the perception of trucking companies in the Curitiba metropolitan area about the efficacy of using fleet tracking devices. Trucking company owners and managers were surveyed through a structured questionnaire containing ten items, with responses scored on a Likert scale, in which the respondents were asked to express their level of agreement or disagreement. At the end there was a question asking them to rank the factors in favor of using tracking systems from most to least important. The main factor motivating the use of tracking systems was found to be to reduce hijackings, although the respondents in general considered that this does not eliminate the need for insurance for the vehicle and the load. Another important finding was the perception that information technology, particularly real-time tracking, is important to improve fleet management and to control the logistics flow.

Keyword : Logistics, transport, fleet tracking, GPS logística, transportes, rastreamento de frota, GPS

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Prado, J., Peinado, J., & Graeml, A. R. (2010). Perception of the benefits of using tracking systems by trucking companies. Brazilian Business Review, 7(2), 1–18.

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