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Dear BBR readers,
I am very pleased to announce the first Special Issue published by the Brazilian Business Review. This issue is a result of a set of selected papers presented at the 1st Brazilian Business Review Conference, which was attended by national and international researchers. The published papers in this edition not only had the benefit of an anonymous referee, but also the comments of the conference participants, which contributed to the papers’ development.
I also take this opportunity to announce the call for papers for our next special issue, with the theme: Earnings Management in Brazil. The editor in charge of this issue is Professor Fernando Galdi, and its publication is expected for the end of 2013.
This special issue brings to the readers seven articles on different themes. The first article is from Paulo Matos and Artur Nave. They analyze the market of stock investment funds in Brazil, proposing a time adjustable ranking built from different performance metrics.
Still in the finance field, but now discussing corporate finance, Renê Coppe Pimentel and Andson Braga investigate the earnings persistence of Brazilian firms. The authors look for a systematic relationship between such persistence and some firms’ characteristics, such as size and corporate governance standard.
The third paper, by Joao Batista Fraga and Vinícius AugustoBrunassi Silva, studies the relation between the characteristics of the board of directors and financial performance. Among the board characteristics the authors consider are diversity, the presence of a woman and the presence of independent directors.
The fourth paper covers a popular topic in the academic debate, corporate social responsibility. Felipe Borini, Moacir de Miranda and Gabriel Vouga Chueke analyze the conditioning factors in the process of reverse transfer of CSR practices to the parent company or other members of multinational groups.
The next paper puts finance and marketing together. Marcio Mellaci, Leandro Augusto Petrokas and Rubens Famá use an event study to understand how the exposure of brands on a soccer team’s jerseys affects the firm’s market value.
Finally, the sixth and seventh papers are exclusively from the marketing field, and more specifically, deal with the consumer behavior. Diogo Hildebrand and Andres Veloso investigate the reasons why adolescents use contraceptive methods. The factors they analyze ae life goals, gender, self-efficacy perception and influence of peers and socializing agents. In the last paper of this issue, Juracy Parente, Marcelo Moll Brandão, Ana Paula Miotto and Flavia Plutarco study the behavior of low-income consumers, specifically analyzing their preferences between traditional street shopping districts and shopping malls.
I hope that BBR readers enjoy this special issue, and will be motivated to attend the next BBR Conference.
Enjoy the reading
Bruno Funchal
Editor in Chief
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