The Influence of foreign expressions in the process of building agribusiness brands in Brazil


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Nowadays companies are devoting increasing resources to create brands because of the importance of these signs in generating financial returns. In Brazil there is a growing influence of foreign expressions in the brands created by local firms, making this phenomenon an interesting target of research. The central objective of this article is to analyze how foreignisms influence the process of building brands by three Brazilian agribusinesses, called A, B and C, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. For this purpose, we carried out an exploratory study, based on data gathered from interviews with executives from key areas of the respondent firms as well as secondary sources. Through content analysis, we verified that the companies surveyed try to plan their marketing actions with the aim of making their marketing mix more effective and efficient, in partnership with advertising agencies and consultants. On the particular matter of the use of foreign expressions, these are used largely because of the internationalization of firms in the agribusiness sector. In this respect, it is important to adjust the various meanings, beliefs, attitudes, motivations, values and perceptions of consumers through the construction of brands in harmony with foreign influences, with the aim of reducing ineffective results and negative consequences.

Keyword : Management, foreignisms, brands, communication, consumers Gestão, estrangeirismo, marca, comunicação, consumidor

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Leite, R. de C., Winck, C. A., & Zonin, V. J. (2012). The Influence of foreign expressions in the process of building agribusiness brands in Brazil. Brazilian Business Review, 9(1), 103–124.

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