Organizational competitiveness factors


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The objective of this article is to identify in the business administration literature the elements considered most important to improve business performance, based on content analysis of academic articles on subjects related to competitiveness, productivity, efficiency and performance. The data come from periodicals available from sources listed at the CAPES portal in the period from 2000 to 2009. From the analysis of 486 articles, we identified 15 organizational competitiveness factors: strategic alliances, human capital, reliability, knowledge, cost, cultural factors, flexibility, innovation, quality, speed, customer relations, social responsibility, control systems, production techniques, and information and communication technologies. These factors have the potential to contribute to the establishment of organizational priorities and can be considered as guides for the construction of management instruments and the implementation of actions to improve competitiveness.

Keyword : Competitiveness factors, business organizations Fatores de competitividade, organizações empresariais

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Roman, D. J., Piana, J., Lozano, M.-A. S. P. e L., Mello, N. R. de, & Erdmann, R. H. (2012). Organizational competitiveness factors. Brazilian Business Review, 9(1), 25–42.

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