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Dear Readers,
The fourth edition of BBR in 2014 brings more news for you. Besides increasing the number of annual issues, BBR, now bimonthly, expanded its index databases and is reaching global coverage which was a goal of the journal. On the other hand, committing to publishing more articles does not mean reducing the strictness. Our rejection rate remains close to 90%. Our commitment to quality research remains our prime objective.
Additionally, our volume of submissions received is very high and we make every effort to respond quickly to all. We want to respond to authors as soon as possible. We are also working to publish articles approved as soon as possible. These are some of the main objectives of the BBR editorial board.
I would like also to remind readers that soon we will have the 2nd Conference BBR.  Participate in the event, which has a different format and brings together big names in the research in Business Administration, Accounting and Economics.  It will be in December in FUCAPE Business School.
In this edition, I present the first study by Ana Teresa Silva Néto e Rivanda Meira Teixeira. This study aimed to measure the degree of innovation of micro and small enterprises from Sergipe by the innovation radar. The authors concluded that innovation is still incipient in Sergipe companies because the companies participating in the survey were classified as slightly innovative.
The second study, Valter Afonso Vieira e Luis Fernando Camilo, who analyzed the effects of promotion and position of the gondola (shelf) in stores. From a longitudinal experiment, the authors found that larger stimuli provide more sales, posters are an important sales tool, if well used, and the noble area of the shelf is the one that provides sales, then the bottom.
The study by Manuel Aníbal Silva Portugal Vasconcelos Ferreira, Nuno Rosa Reis, Fernando  A. Ribeiro Serra and Benny Kramer Costa, whose theme was the area of international business. In the research, the authors sought to evaluate the influence of the theory of resource based on research in international business. The bibliometric study found co-authorship networks, emerging topics in international business and future lines of research in the area of international business regarding the theory of strategy known as resource-based view.
The fourth study by Getúlio Alves de Souza Matos, Robert Aldo Iquiapaza and Bruno Pérez Ferreira, analyzed the exposure to loss of Brazilian Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) as the techniques for assessing market risk Value at Risk (VaR) and Expected Shortfall (ES). The authors found that all ETFs showed losses and higher risk exposures to those observed for the benchmark Bovespa index and their respective ratios.
Then, there is the study by Roberto Coda and Darly Alcarpe Coda is in sequence. This study sought to describe the behavioral preferences of employees who work with Human Resources. The authors reached in seven behavioral styles from a survey of HR professionals from various companies. In addition to the styles found, the authors also showed the importance of the HR professional for the operational and strategic performance of the organization and why it is necessary to identify the behavioral style of the HR professional that best fits the company.
Finally, the last study of this issue is the study by Luis Fernando Hor-Meyll, Marcel Correia de Lima and Jorge Brantes Ferreira, addressed a very current theme: mobile as a channel of communication media. The study sought to discover the factors that could affect the intention of Brazilian adolescents to accept advertisements via SMS. The authors find that social norms and usefulness of the ad are factors that favor the uptake of Brazilian adolescents receiving media via SMS.
Briefly, these studies are offered to our readers. I hope you enjoy. Good reading!
Emerson Mainardes
Chief Editor
BBR - Brazilian Business Review
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