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Dear readers and contributors of Brazilian Business Review
The second edition of 2013 brings a set of six papers from different fields of business. The paper that starts this edition, authored by Marcus Kühl and João Carlos da Cunha, covers a very important theme in contemporary business: innovation. The authors analyze how different companies realize the importance of obstacles to implementation of innovations. The second article, by Renata Spers and James Wright, focuses on companies’ internationalization. The authors study which variables are most relevant in the decision to internationalize, including: price, promotion, distribution and product innovation among others.
The third paper of this issue discusses a currently hot topic in business, corporate social responsibility. The paper analyzes the existence of group identities and whether companies belonging to a particular group tend to perform similar environmental actions. The fourth article, by Carlos Lavarda and Dalci Mendes Almeida, examines whether there is influence of budgetary participation in reducing information asymmetry in the budget process in a multinational company.
In the following paper, Flavia Cavazotte, Cristiano Duarte and Anna Gobbo analyze the influence exerted by leadership on performance in safety, investigating the psychological mechanisms that explain the connection between authenticity and safety. Finally, closing this issue of BBR, Luciana Targino, Urdan André and Marie Agnes Chauvel study program marketing practices in Contemporary Brazil.
We hope you will enjoy these articles.
Good reading.
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