Marketing practices, between transactions and relationships, of companies in Brazil


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Transactional marketing, for some time, reigned in theory and practice (SHETH; PARVATIYAR, 1995), highlighting the 4Ps (KOTLER, 2006). But some companies, especially in the services and industry sectors, began to have difficulty with the lack of personalization and interaction of such practice (HANKANSSON, 1982), (BRENTANI, 1991). In this context, emerged the Contemporary Marketing Practices Program (CMP). In it, Coviello, Brodie and Munro (1997) and Coviello, Milley and Macolin (2001), from conceptions of Grönroos (1996), pointed out five types of marketing as a function of the company/client interaction, four relational and one transactional. Results in several countries revealed the coexistence of relational and transactional marketing in many companies, but in different compositions. But ultimately, how does this phenomenon take place in Brazil? How does each marketing practice relate to business performance? This is a descriptive study, with data collected from executives, using the standard questionnaire of the CMP, plus a battery of questions about performance.

Keyword : Transactional marketing, relationship marketing, performance, marketing practices Marketing transacional, marketing de relacionamento, desempenho, práticas de marketing

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Targino, L. T., & Urdan, A. T. (2013). Marketing practices, between transactions and relationships, of companies in Brazil. Brazilian Business Review, 10(2), 120–137.

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