Authentic leader, safe work: the influence of leadership on safety performance


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This study analyzed the influence of authentic leadership on the workers’ safety performance, investigating the psychological mechanisms that explain the connection between authenticity and workplace safety. In addition, individual characteristics that could affect this behavior were also surveyed. The study was conducted based on a sample of 186 workers involved in projects within the oil industry. Results suggested that authentic leadership is associated with the feedback provided by supervisors as well as with worker’s perception of justice and their safety performance. Furthermore, perception of justice seems to be a relevant route through which more authentic leaders would promote safe behaviors among their followers. It was also observed that individuals who are more conscientious and less prone to take risks are also those who engage more frequently in safe behavior in the workplace.

Keyword : Authentic leadership, perception of justice, personality, feedback, workplace safety Liderança autêntica, percepção de justiça, personalidade, feedback, segurança no trabalho

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Cavazotte, F. de S. C. N., Duarte, C. J. P., & Gobbo, A. M. C. (2013). Authentic leader, safe work: the influence of leadership on safety performance. Brazilian Business Review, 10(2), 95–119.

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