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Dear readers.
I am happy to present to you the sixth and final edition of the Brazilian Business in the year of 2016. This year was full of work for the journal and we hope soon to see growth in key indicators of the journal. This November we will also be pleased to present the community with a set of six papers from our first special edition on Sports in Management. We have made strong efforts for the journal''''s internationalization and this issue symbolizes part of the advances that we have achieved in this regard, since the edition had the participation of three foreign guest editors and four works that have foreign authors. We hope to stay on the path to attract authors from different nationalities and lead  Brazilian Business Review’s content to an even wider audience.
In this issue, we began presenting the "Green Supply Chain Management: An analysis of the Supplier Agribusiness Relationship of a Southern Brazilian Company", written by Simone Sehnem and Gean Pacheco de Oliveira. In this article, the authors analyzed the supplier-relationship agribusiness in the category of environmental management practices required, according to the perception of managers. Following, Claudia de Souza libando and Fernando Gonçalves Amaral offer us with the article "Skills and Interaction in Design Management", which investigated what the experts think about design and management skills, joints and intervening factors in the Brazilian fashion industry. In addition, the study also sought to know how design teams are structured and the relationship of these withthe organization. Next, the article "The Role of Innovation in Development of Public Agencies in Brazil" provides a brief description of the main public instruments supporting innovation in Brazil and shows a preliminary assessment of the use of such instruments in innovative companies. The article is authored by Claudia Brito Silva Cirani, Carlos Mamori Kono, Andre Moraes dos Santos, Adalberto Ramos and Fernando Cassia Gonçalves Amaral.
The next article, "Social Capital and selectivity in academic co-authorship networks: the case of accounting sciences in Brazil" was written by John Stephen Barbosa Neto, Silvio According Salej Higgins, Jacqueline Veneroso Alves da Cunha and Antonio Carlos Ribeiro. Following, we present the study "Factors That Lead Companies to Adopt Social Media in their processes: Proposal and Test a Measurement Model", authored by Jozé Braz de Araujo and Silvia Novaes Zilber. The study aimed to understand what factors lead companies to use social media to achieve results. The issue concludes with the study "Conference Calls: an Empirical Analysis of Informational Content and News type Disclosed," written by Nadia Cardoso Moreira, Felipe Ramos Ferreira, Juliana Kozak-Rogo and Rafael Rogo. This article analyzes whether the type of news and the earnings persistence influence the amount of information that is voluntarily disclosed by the companies.
Good reading to everyone.
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