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 Dear readers,

   We joyfully present you with the July-August edition of the Brazilian Business Review. Aiming at the continuous improvement of the journal, I take the opportunity to announce important changes to follow in the next weeks. From now on, approved articles will immediately enter the publishing process, and once formatting is complete in accordance with the journal’s standards, these will be published in the ahead of print model. This change is designed to reduce the time between the approval and publication of articles and enables the academic community to get in touch with the articles that we have published at the earliest. Furthermore, it is a change of great value to authors, who will need to wait less time until the publication of the articles.
   In addition, we are also expanding the number of reviewers of foreign universities. The intention is to move forward in the process of the journal’s internationalization, making it more widely known amongst these reviewers and specially improving even further the quality of reviews we offer to authors who submit their papers to the Brazilian Business Review.
   A third novelty, as announced in the previous edition, is the launch of the special call for papers on Corruption. This theme, especially relevant to the Brazilian contemporary context, can be addressed by studies under various theoretical approaches and methodological and epistemological perspectives. We invite you all to disseminate this call and to submit your work.
In this edition, we present you with articles of different themes, which is in line with the plural character of the Brazilian Business Review. In the first article, entitled “What Must be Considered when Feeding consumption Analytics with Facebook Posts?” of authorship by Nelson Siqueira Rangel Netto, Teresa Cristina Janes Carneiro, Marcos Paulo Valadares de Oliveira and Rogério Antônio Monteiro, it the authors seek the effects of electronic word of mouth on the intention of consumption. Following that, Fernando A. Fleury, Vitor Koki da Costa Nogami, José Afonso Mazzon and Andres Rodriguez Veloso gift us with the article “Effect of Victories and Defeats on the Attitude of Soccer Fans: a Study Concerning Pitchman, Involvement and Fanaticism”. This study aimed at analyzing the attitude of soccer fans after the outcome of matches under the influence of the pitchman (celebrity and idols), involvement and fanaticism. Following in the field of marketing, Ivanete Schneider Hahn, Flavia Luciane Scherer, Kenny Basso and Marindia Brachak dos Santos presentes the article “Consumer Trust in and Emotional Response to Advertisements on Social Media and their Influence on Brand Evaluation”. In this study, the authors analyzed the effects of trust and consumers’ emotional response to advertising in the evaluation of brands in a context of social media.
   Following, the text “An Analysis of the Determinants of Corporate Social Responsibility of Brazilian Firms” by Vicente Lima Crisóstomo and Maria Rafaela Oliveira, raises important issues regarding the association between Corporate Social Responsibility and its antecedents, such as Corporate Ownership. The fifth article in this edition, entitled “The moderating effect of home country corruption on the host country’s ability to attract FDI” developed by Manuel Portugal Ferreira, Helder Costa Carreira, Dan Li and Fernando Ribeiro Serra. In this study, the authors distinguish the widespread and arbitrary corruption of the host country and its effects on FDI inflows. The edition closes with the article “Environmental Management as a Strategic Capability: a Study on the Furniture Manufacturing Cluster of Southern Brazil”, written by Janielen Pissolatto Deliberal, Vilmar Antonio Gonçalves Tondolo, Maria Emília Camargo and Rosana da Rosa Portella Tondolo. The study aimed to analyze whether environmental management can be considered as a strategic capacity, contributing positively to the performance of companies in the manufacturing sector belonging to clusters of the Furniture Industry in Southern Brazil.
Good reading to all!
Bruno Felix von Borell de Araujo
Editor-in-Chief of the Brazilian Business Review
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