Below are the topics added to the submission instructions:


An abstract often appears separated from the article, so it should be self-contained. As a minimum, the abstract must clearly and briefly state the purpose of the research, the main results, and major contributions. References should be avoided, but if needed, you may cite authors and years. Non-standard of uncommon abbreviations should also be avoided, but if essential they must be defined in the abstract itself.


The introduction must emphasize the incremental contribution of your research. Keep citations to a minimum, using only the strictly necessary to properly motivate the research, and highlight and clarify the results and contributions.


The methodology section must be clear enough to allow replication of the research. Your research design has to be described in detail, explaining the methodological choices you adopted and why.

Statistical analysis (if applicable)

All statistical methods must be described with enough detail to allow a properly trained reader with access to your data to cross-check your results.
Any processing of the data, such as transformations, re-coding, re-scaling, normalization, truncation, winsorization, removal or modification of values must be fully disclosed and justified. Units must be supplied for all measurements.
Authors must provide a complete and transparent view of the results, so that the conclusions are supported by appropriate statistical analyses and limitations of the study are clearly discussed.