About the Journal

Aims & Scope

BBR – Brazilian Business Review mission is to contribute to the construction and updating of knowledge in business through disseminating empirical and theoretical articles.

  • Provide and maintain access to empirical and theoretical articles in business;
  • Encourage the interdisciplinary debate, as well as a critical vision of the knowledge in management, accounting, and economics;
  • Support academic activities and actions in management, accounting, and economics of public, private, and third-sector organizations, with contents that contribute to both the academia and the managerial practice;
  • Supply professors, researchers, and students from management, accounting, economics, and related areas, with results from investigation and academic production developed in graduate programs in Brazil and abroad.

Target Audience

Professors, researchers,  undergrad and graduate students interested in obtaining in-depth knowledge in business.


High-quality business research. Themes include, but are not limited to, management, accounting, controllership, finance, information management, innovation management, strategy, and economics. We welcome papers developed in public, private, or third-sector organizations.

Online Registration

All papers published in our journal have a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier), serving as an individual identifier that assures its identification and guarantees perpetual accessibility on the internet.

To ensure accuracy and facilitate the searchability of our papers, BBR assigns a unique DOI to each language in which they are published. Therefore, an article written in either Portuguese or English will have its distinct DOI, facilitating researchers, academics, and professionals globally to locate and cite our articles with precision and efficiency.

By embracing the DOI registration system, BBR underscores its commitment to fostering knowledge propagation and international academic collaboration. We are committed to easing access to, and ensuring accurate citation of published articles, contributing to the progress of research and scientific development across diverse fields such as management, business, and economics.

Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) 

The Brazilian Business Review proudly holds a Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) membership. This membership underscores our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in academic publishing, encompassing transparency, quality, and research integrity. COPE enjoys global recognition for its advocacy of ethical publishing practices. As a member, we pledge to maintain stringent ethical standards throughout the entire publication process, from peer review to the resolution of any research misconduct. For additional information about COPE and its guidelines, kindly visit www.publicationethics.org.

Ethics Manual

You can download the manual as a PDF file or view it online.

Ethics in the research involving humans.

For researches carried out directly with human beings, ethical precepts related to the conduction, as well as the report of the research, are the sole responsibility of the authors, following the ethical recommendations contained in the Declaration of Helsinki. Authors should fully observe the standards contained in CNS Resolution No. 196 dated October 10th, 1996, the National Health Council, and complementary resolutions for special situations. Ethical procedures adopted in the research should be described in the final paragraph of the Methods section making mention of the number of approval protocols by the Research Ethics Committee.

Sex and Gender Issues

The BBR editorial team, in addition to the authors who publish in the journal, must always observe the guidelines on Sex and Gender Equity in Research (SAGER). The SAGER guidelines comprise a set of guidelines that guide the reporting of information about sex and gender in study design, data analysis, and results and interpretation of findings. Furthermore, BBR observes the gender equity policy in the formation of its editorial board.

Responsibility for published texts in BBR – Brazilian Business Review.

The articles published in BBR – Brazilian Business Review are the author’s exclusive responsibility. The rights, including translation, are reserved and transferred to BBR - Brazilian Business Review.

Parts of texts published in BBR – Brazilian Business Review may be cited following the required legal conditions that govern the subject.



BBR – Brazilian Business Review is primarily funded by FUCAPE Business School. The Brazilian National Research Council (CNPq) has supported BBR with editorial grants in 2018 (number 441141/2017-0) and 2019 (number 406369/2018-6). The Espírito Santo Research and Innovation Support Foundation provided assistance under the support program for the editing and publication of scientific journals in the year 2023 (number 769/2022 P:2022-RH776).

Catalographic Data

BBR - Brazilian Business Review
ISSN: 1808-2386 (English)
ISSN: 1807-734X (Portuguese)


  • Biannual - V.1 to V.3
  • Triannual - V.4 to V.7
  • Quarterly – V.8 to V.10
  • Bimonthly – From V.11 on – New issues are published on the 1st day of odd months

Since: 2004
Issued by Fundação Instituto Capixaba de Pesquisas em Contabilidade, Economia e Finanças (FUCAPE)
Editor-in-Chief: Bruno Felix
Includes bibliography
1. Administration - Journal I. Vitória. FUCAPE
CDD 658.05