Peer Review Process


Evaluation Process

The purpose of the evaluation is to help authors improve the quality of their work, providing constructive evaluations made by academic experts, from respected institutions in business, within a reasonable period of time. Often these experts are from institutions other than FUCAPE Business School. BBR – Brazilian Business Review considers the process of evaluation a fundamental stage for the improvement of articles. Therefore, the reviewers of BBR – Brazilian Business Review are encouraged to present, besides their opinion on the article, suggestions on the contents and text.

Articles submitted to BBR – Brazilian Business Review must be original and not have been previously published or about to be published in any journal, in Brazil or abroad. Submissions will be checked for plagiarism using iThenticate. Works presented at seminars, congresses, symposia, etc., are considered unpublished. Therefore, BBR – Brazilian Business Review encourages authors from any affiliation to format their texts in article format and submit them for evaluation. Articles can be submitted in English or Portuguese.

The evaluation process of articles submitted to BBR – Brazilian Business Review consists of two stages. The first one is an Editor and Associate Editor’s preliminary evaluation that verifies the suitability of the work in relation to the periodical’s editorial line and they make the Desk Review evaluation. The second one, which is the actual evaluation in the double-blind review system, is typically held by two ad hoc consultants.

The evaluation considers, primarily, the scientific quality of the text, focusing on the following aspects:

  • The theme should have contemporary relevance
  • Originality of the work
  • Theoretical relevance and consistency of the text for the development of the area of knowledge
  • Quality of the theoretical reference used
  • Quality of the writing and text organization
  • Contribution to managerial knowledge or for managerial action of corporations
  • Methodology used: suitability, quality, and level of sophistication
  • Quality of the analysis and data discussion (if any)
  • Conclusions: attainment, fundamentals, and coherence

The result will be informed to the leading author of the paper by e-mail.

The consultant’s opinion will be given approximately 90 days after acceptance by the Desk Review process.

The referees, through an opinion written in a form provided by the journal, will recommend one of three options:

1. Full acceptance without changes
2. Partial acceptance with changes
3. Manuscript rejection

Once approved, the article goes through spelling and grammar checks before it is published. All articles are published both in English and Portuguese. For articles submitted from 2017 on, the authors will be responsible for providing the version in the other language within 2 months after the approval of the articleIf the authors fail to provide the translated version within the allotted time the approval will be retracted. Approved articles in English, submitted from Apr/2018 by non-Portuguese-speaking authors, will have the translation to Portuguese provided by BBR free of charge.