Facilitators and Barriers faced by Mobile Payment Fintechs in the Brazilian Context


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Fintechs have created a new global financial reality, providing access to services that were previously provided only by banks. This article aims to identify
facilitators and barriers faced by mobile payment fintechs for their entry and development in the Brazilian context. The research method was a single case
study, whose unit of analysis was the mobile payment fintech sector in the Brazilian context, involving nine companies in this industry. As a result, we
identified that several factors act as facilitators to the entry and development of fintechs, such as convenience and focus of their solutions, innovation in the use of technology, collaboration, and partnerships between fintechs. However, several barriers are faced in the emergence and development of these companies, such as regulatory issues, investment needs, difficulties in finding partners, and conflicts of interest with major players in the financial market. These results offer inputs to fintech entrepreneurs and suggest directions to regulators and public policymakers.

Keyword : Fintechs, Entrepreneurship, Mobile payments, Facilitators, Barriers Fintechs, Empreendedorismo, Pagamentos móveis, Facilitadores, Barreiras

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Braido, G., Klein, A., & Papaleo, G. (2020). Facilitators and Barriers faced by Mobile Payment Fintechs in the Brazilian Context. Brazilian Business Review, 18(1), 22–44.

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