Economic Assessment of Brazilian Public Ports: Value-Based Management


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Ports are among the main links of the international logistic chain and, consequently, an important element of economic development. Thus, this study aims to investigate the economic and financial results of Brazilian public ports by evaluating their ability to generate economic value. Therefore, we assessed the port authorities with traditional financial indicators as well as with Economic Value Added (EVA) indicators, aiming to assess companies’ ability to create wealth for ports’ capital investors. Findings indicate that, despite the satisfactory financial situation, such results are not due to the businesses’ operation, but most likely due to governmental subsidies. Port authorities also showed inefficiency to remunerate the capital invested. The study contributes to the literature by shedding light on the discussion about the economic and financial management of public ports and the use of public resources in the port sector.

Keyword : Port Management, EVA, port rentability, port performance Gestão portuária, EVA, rentabilidade dos portos, desempenho portuário

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Sousa, E., Neto, F., Andriotti, R., & Campagnolo, R. (2020). Economic Assessment of Brazilian Public Ports: Value-Based Management. Brazilian Business Review, 17(4), 439-457.

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