Sticky Costs Behavior and Earnings Management


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This study aims to analyze the relationship between cost asymmetry (Sticky Costs) behavior and earnings management practices of Brazilian companies. The methodology refers to descriptive, documentary and quantitative research. The sample comprised 160 Brazilian companies listed on BM&FBovespa between 2008 and 2017. Multiple linear regression models were used to analyze the data. We observed that accounting profit is affected by sticky costs behavior and by earnings management practices. Total accruals and part of earnings management are explained by costs asymmetric behavior. This paper contributes to the current research on the discussion that part of earnings management can be due to sticky costs. In addition, the results show that the Dechow, Sloan and Sweeney (1995) model could consider the asymmetry of costs as an interference variable on total accruals, in order to better estimate the discretionary accruals.

Keyword : Sticky Costs, Earnings Management, Management and Financial Accounting Assimetria dos Custos, Gerenciamento de Resultados, Contabilidade Gerencial e Financeira

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Silva, A. da, Zonatto, V. C. da S., Magro, C. B. D., & Klann, R. (2019). Sticky Costs Behavior and Earnings Management. Brazilian Business Review, 16(2), 191-206.

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