Why do buyers complain about online purchases?


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Consumers who make purchases in online channels do not feel fully satisfied and complaints on different stages of the service are frequent. To identify motives for such complaints, 720 communications, posted in one–year period on the main Brazilian website for complaints and addressed to the three online retailers who received most complaints, were randomly selected and submitted to content analysis. Results reveal the most frequent motives for complaints by online consumers: failures in after-sale service, delays and failures in deliveries and failures related to the policies of exchange and return. The method used in this work and the results obtained are a relevant contribution to the literature on the subject. Thanks to its simplicity and low cost of application, the method can easily be used by companies to reveal motives of dissatisfaction of consumers with online channels, offering elements to improve processes.

Keyword : Online complaints, dissatisfaction, online purchases Reclamação online, Insatisfação, Compras online

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Hor-Meyll, L. F., Barreto, M. B., & Araujo, F. F. de. (2012). Why do buyers complain about online purchases?. Brazilian Business Review, 9(4), 127-150.

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