Coproduction Factors in Strategic Networks


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This study addresses the concept of coproduction factors of primary (hub) and secondary (partners) agents in strategic networks of shared service provisioning. Coproduction factors in networks refer to resources of primary and secondary agents. These resources are mainly employed in shared service provisioning and perceived as fundamental by the user. The objective of this research was to verify the influence of these coproduction factors alone and in interaction (network effect) about the attitudinal consequences of user satisfaction and pride of the distance education service. The survey with 7138 users of this service, the validation of measures and the hypotheses test, through the Multiple Regression Analysis, showed that the coproduction factors of the different agents (hub and on-site education poles), as well as the network effect, influence the student’s satisfaction and pride.

Keyword : Strategic networks, Coproduction factors, Attitudinal outcomes

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Maciel, C. de O., & Camargo, C. (2016). Coproduction Factors in Strategic Networks. Brazilian Business Review, 13(1), 24-46.

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