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January February 2017
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Dear Readers,
Welcome to the year 2017! The year 2016 ended with a very important result for the Brazilian Business Review. We received the news that we came to occupy the third position in the Spell impact ranking (2 years, without self-citations). This result was greatly commemorated by us and suggests that we have been walking on a promising path. I am very grateful to the 109 scholars who supported us during the year 2016 in the process of reviewing articles. If articles are being cited, this is certainly also due to the support of dedicated and committed reviewers.
My gratitude extends also to the editors of our regular and special issue editors, who worked so hard for the journal to keep moving forward. In particular I thank Prof. Dr. Bruno Fernandes, who collaborated for a long time as associate editor of the journal, dedicating himself admirably. At this moment, in a natural and salutary movement of rotation, he will open space for the participation of prof. Dr. Flávia Cavazotte as our new associate editor. Her talent and competence are recognized and we will now have the privilege of having the support of Flavia in our team. Welcome! 
I take the opportunity to announce a change in article submissions. Starting January 2, 2017, Brazilian Business Review will not cover the costs of translation of articles into the English language for authors anymore. We will continue to receive submissions of articles in Portuguese and English, but if the article is approved, the authors should arrange for the translation of the article to enable its publication. This will allow the journal to allocate resources previously used in this process to other improvement activities that will soon be noticed by authors and readers. For articles submitted in English, we can arrange the translation into Portuguese, if the authors need us to do so. 
In this edition, we introduce six articles. We start with “A Design Management Framework for the Fashion Industry”, from Cláudia de Souza Libânio and Fernando Gonçalves Amaral. Next, we introduce “Corporate social-Environmental Responsibility as an Attraction and Retention Factor for Young Professionals, authored by Marcos Cohen, Flávia de Souza Costa Neves Cavazotte, Taissa Mattos da Costa e Karina Cordeiro Silva Ferreira. The third paper, authored by Dina Alexandra Marques Miragaia, João José de Matos Ferreira and Vanessa Ratten, is entitled “The strategic involvement of stakeholders in the efficiency of non-profit sport organisations: from a perspective of survival to sustainability”.
Next, Elnivan Moreira de Souza and Paulo César de Sousa Batista offer us the study “Strategic Antecedents and Consequents for the Performance of E-Business Companies”. The fifth article, from Marcia Flávia D’albergaria Freitas and Victor Manoel Cunha de Almeida, is entitled “Theoretical Model of Engagement in the Context of Brand Communities”. This edition closes with “Corporate Image: Influencing Factors from the Viewpoint of Students of Distance Learning Courses”, from Fábio Reis da Costa e Anderson Soncini Pelissari.
Good reading to all.
Bruno Felix
Brazilian Business Review

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