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September October 2017
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Dear readers,
We are excited to present the fifth edition of the Brazilian Business Review this year, referring to the months of September to October 2017. Altogether, we have made available six articles for reading and appreciation. Once again, the edition covers articles from different administration areas, which reinforces the interdisciplinary character of the journal. The article that opens the edition is called "Dynamic Capacities, Marketing Capacity and Organizational Performance" and it is authored by Adriana Roseli Wünsch Takahashi, Sergio Bulgacov, Elder Semprebon and Mônica Maier Giacomini. Following, we present the article by Dyogo Felype Neis, Maurício Fernandes Pereira and Emerson Antonio Maccari, whose title is "Process of Strategic Planning and Organizational Structure: Impacts, Confluences and Similarities". The third article in the issue is entitled "Interaction Between Strategy and Organizational Performance: The Influence of Family Management" elaborated by Ieda Margarete Oro and Carlos Eduardo Facin Lavarda.

Opening the second half of the edition, we present the fourth article entitled " The Relationship between Satisfaction with Claims Management and Repurchase Intentions: Detecting Moderating Influences in E-Tail", by Mateus Nagel and Cristiane Pizzutti dos Santos. Following, we present "Supply Strategy: A Quasi Experiment on Quantity and Location of Suppliers", authored by por André Luis de Castro Moura Duarte, Rafael Borges de Souza, Flávio Romero Macau and Leandro Januario de Souza. The edition is finished with the article by Anderson de Souza Sant''Anna and Daniela Martins Diniz, whose title is "(Re-) meaning Space as Capital: Study Contributions with Local Entrepreneurs". 

Good reading to everyone!
Bruno Felix
Brazilian Business Review

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